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Saturday Night Fever, China Theatre, 
opening 4th  November 2021

 Henrik Fexeus- Är att lita på , Rival ,
opening 2th  December 2021

Svenskt Tenn.
Special edition of the Hope angel and jewellery.

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art edition
Lehna Edwall

Unitehopeproject will be placing more of Lehna´s Unitehopeangels.
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2004 - 2005     Royal University  of  Arts.

1991 - 1994     BA(hons.) Stage Design, The Royal Institute for Performing Arts. Stockholm.

1984 - 1987     BA (hons.) upper second degree. FashionDesign, Harrow College of Art, London.  


2005     The Swedish Comittee for the Fine Arts. Working Scholarship.
1995     The Swedish Committie for the Fine Arts, Traveling Scholarship.

1989     IWS, International Wool Secretariat, Young Fashion Talent Award, Cour de Carree, Paris.

1985     The Smirnoff Fashion Award, Avantgarde. London.  


Scenkonstmuseet , Stockholm. 2017--
The permanent collection.
Hedda Gabler , Costumedesign

The Lewis Museum , San Fransisco, USA. 1994---



2018   Haze - Paintings, Dry Studios, Stockholm

2014    Beyond . YtterJärna Art Center. Paintings and       Sculpture.

Ruta Ett. Gallery Cardellgatan 1, Ipad work.

    The Gardens of Rosendal. "The Garden Expo" 1999. MOBILE, glass and mirrors » 1998 The Gardens of Rosendal. INSTALLATION with 10000 mirrors in the garden of apples...

1998     "INSIGHT" Stockholm Europes Capital 1998. H&M Shopwindow. SCULPTURE. OIR 8:00

1995      VÅRSALONGEN , Liljevalchs Art Gallery, Stockholm. SCULPTURE. "Adventa", Glassmosaics, moving objects, four pieces.

1995     "Home - 95", Gotland. TEXTILE. 1995 Liljevalchs Art Gallery, Stockholm. SCULPTURE. "Adventa", Glassmosaics, moving objects, four pieces.

1994     The KALMAR Nightmuseum, SCULPTURE, "Adventa"

1992     Waldemarsudde Art Gallery in Stockholm, The Gothenburg Art Gallery, The Lund Art Gallery. SCULPTURE. "Mrs Futures Wardrobe". Glassmosaics, moving objects, five pieces


2018 - Svenskt Tenn, Hope angel, special edition

2016 - 
Marble works , Italy

2014   Borgholmsslott , Uppgång&fall, an exhibition  
           about the castle

  Tillsammans IKEA

2008   Costumes for Barbara Hendricks.

2006   The Pleasure of Living Solo, IKEA

2004 -Taform AB.  Design for the garden and outdoors.

1998     Mirrors and Mobils, sold at Rosendalsträdgårdar and  Plantagen, ongoing sales

1995    Exhibition Designer, The Workers Museum, Norrköping, Sweden.

1988 - 1991     FashionDesign; LEHNA, H&M, NK  

Costumedesigner for Barbara Hendricks, Krister Henricksson, Marie Fredricksson, Monica Zetterlund mm

-   set and costumedesign

2020 - Who is afraid of Virginia Wolf, Helsingborgsstadsteater. Stage and Costume design.

2019 - Oliver the Musical, Gothenburgh Opera house, Costume design.

2018 - Rites of Spring - Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Costume design.

2017 - 
Because I´m worth it! Fredik Ryman. KulturhusetStadsteatern- Dance

2017 -  Opera. En turk i Italien. Rossini. Läcköslott.

2017 -
Egenmäktigt förfarande, Lena Andersson, Scala Teatern, Stockholm

2016 -     Grey People, The Nansen Award, UNHCR, Geneva.

2016--- Nutcracker, Dansens Hus , Stockholm, and on tour

2016  Scenes of a marriage by Ingmar Bergman
Uppsala City Theatre.

2016  Brynolf&Ljung. "Hokus Pokus Mother F..ckers"
Berns, Cirkus and on tour

2015  Kvinnor över 40 vad ska man med dom till, Uppsala City Theatre.

2014 Stop Play Rewind, Dansens hus, Stockholm.Costume

2013 Macbeth- Stockholm City Theatre, Stage and Costume design.

2012  Den goda människan i Sezuan, Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stage and Costume design.

2012  La Cage aux Folles, Oscars,
Stage Design.

2012   Fursten , Uppsala City Theatre,
Stage and Costume design

2011   Hedda Gabler, Royal Dramatic Theatre,
Stage and Costume design

2011  Swanlake, Dansens Hus
Stage and Costume design

Angels in America , Stockholm City Theatre,  Stage and Costume design

    Romeo and Juliett - The Musical, Göta Lejon, Stockholm. Stage and Costume Design

   The Death of a Salesman, The Royal Dramatic Theatre , Stockholm. Stage and Costume Design.

2010  The Last Bounce, Bounce, Globen, Stockholm.

2009    Knutby, Uppsala Stadsteater.  Stage and Costume Design

2008     Små äktenskapliga brott Royal Dramatic Theater , Stockholm Stage and Costume Design

2008     Arsenik och gamla spetsar (Arsenic and old lace)
Stockholms stadsteater.
Stage and costume design.

2007     Körsbärsträdgården (The Cherry Orchard)
By Anton Tjechov
Uppsala stadsteater.
Stage and costume design.

2004     CIRKUS CIRKÖR. World tour 99% unknown. Costume design.

2003     The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden. "Mutter Courage and her children" by Bertolt Brecht. Director Anders Paulin

2003     The Royal Theatre of Kopenhagen. " Kasimir and Karoline" by Horvath. Director Anders Paulin.

2003     The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden. "Details" by Lars Noren. Director Eva Dahlman

2002     The NOBELPRICE Ceremony. Performances by Cirkus Cirkör and the Romeo and Juliett Choir. Stockholm City Hall

2002     PETTER vs BOUNCE, dance meets rap. on tour. Director Tilde Björfors

2002     CIRKUS CIRKÖR, Virus 02, on tour. Director Lars Bethke

2002     The Upsala City Theatre, "Friheten" by Feydeau, Director Anders Paulin.

2002     The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden. "PSYCOSIS 4.48" by Sarah Kane. Director Eva Dahlman

2001     The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden. "10 examples of love" by David Hare. Director Eva Dahlman.

2000     The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden. "Treasure Island" by R.E Stevensson. Director Marie Feldtmann

1999     The Opera house of Blekinge, Sweden. "SÖTSKOLAN" Music by Karin Rehnqvist, libretto by Kerstin Klein- Perski, director Marie Feldtmann.

1999     The Malmoe Dramatic Theatre, "FOLKHEMSNATTEN". Director Anders Paulin.

1998     The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden. "Angel and the blue horse" by Ulf Stark. Director Marie Feldtmann

1997     The Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre, " My dearest sister" by Astrid Lindgren. Director Marie Feldtmann.

1997     The Malmoe Dramatic Theatre, " The Caucasian Circel of Chalk" by Bertolt Brecht. Director A. Öberg

1993     The Swedish National Theatre. "Håll Hårt", a country and western musical by Johan Bogaeus. Director Eva Dahlman.

1993     The Swedish National Theatre. "Erendira" by Marques. Director Alexander Öberg.

1992     Stockholm City Theatre. "Klättrarens röda öron" by Barbro Smeds. Director Barbro Smeds.

  set and costumedesign

2016    Eurovision Song Contest
Stockholm, Globen
Costume design
Grey People
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIcDBqL0lf0 and
and Story of ESC

2012-13   WALLANDER  Costume design for Krister     Hendrickson

2002     "The NOBELPRICE Ceremony" Performances by Cirkus Cirkör and the Romeo and Juliett choir

1999     "10:10" by Hans Renhäll. A short film for The filmfestival of Gothenburg. Directed by Daniel Alfredsson.

1999     The Advent Calender, the childrens show, " The Heroes of Christmas". Swedish Television SVT1 DRAMA. Director Stefan Apelgren

1994     "For Ingegerd" by Malin Lagerlöf. Directed by Eva Dahlman.

1993     "The Hotell Svea" by Malin Lagerlöf. Directed by Eva Dahlman.

1992     "Euroboy" by Johan Bogaeus. Directed by Tobias Falk.


1998 - Various Bookillustrations

1984 - Various Fashion Magazines; Elle, Damernas Värld etc.  

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